Jul 26, 2019

We offer intensive driving courses in Didsbury for those who want to learn to drive quickly. Our regular driving courses are spread out with a weekly one-hour lesson or two, giving you the opportunity to take your time and learn at your own pace. Our courses are for all ages and stages of driving knowledge and our students enjoy an 89% first time pass rate. That’s twice the national average which reflects very well on our team of skilled driving instructors. Anybody can show you how to drive a car but only a teacher can teach you to master the many techniques for safe driving and own your newly learned skills. Our instructors are able to communicate these skills to all potential drivers including those who have a fear of driving.

If you are comfortable behind the wheel and need or want to complete your driver’s course within a week or two, we can set a schedule for you to do that. In Didsbury, intensive driving courses in both manual and automatic require you to have your provisional licence before starting the course. You can do that online or through the mail. Choose online application to receive your licence in a week or so as compared to three weeks by mail. Once you have that, we can begin your intensive driving course. Your accelerated schedule will cover anywhere from five to twelve days of four hour sessions. However, we can do a long weekend or holiday crash course which includes intense long hours of driving. We can personalise the course schedule to your own personal schedule.

Our intensive driving courses in Didsbury include your practical driving test fee. For those in a hurry the frequently long waits to test can be frustrating but we’re here to help. We’ll search far and wide for the North West test centre that can schedule your test at the earliest date.  We will also arrange your theory test by providing a link for distance learning. We’ll monitor your progress and when you’re ready we will book your theory test at a local test centre. If you want or need to learn to drive and secure your driver’s license quickly, contact Let’s Learn for the best way to make it happen. Our intensive driving courses are taught by patient and calm mannered individuals with many years’ experience.