About Us

At Let’s Learn School of Motoring, we started our journey in 2009 with the aim of training learners in Manchester comprehensive lessons to help them drive a car safely.

With devotion, hard work and by employing experienced driving instructors, we have been able to successfully train all of our students and are now considered as one of the best driving schools in Manchester.

As an esteemed driving school, we provide both automatic and manual lessons for our learners so that they can drive the car of their choice. Besides, we always teach them safely and help develop both practical and theoretical concepts necessary to drive a car accurately in any and every situation.

Our instructors are friendly and they understand the problems that the learners face while taking the lessons. However, they solve them patiently since we aim to not only just train our students but also make them experts in driving.

We periodically take feedback from the learners so that we can improve the lessons. At the same time, we discuss the progress of each and every learner with the instructors so that the lessons can be customised according to their learning capabilities.

Flexible Course Packages for Students

We offer several courses for our students and each is designed to develop or improve their driving skills. Moreover, our professionals help our students to choose the best package depending on his or her previous driving experience (if any).

Our professionals also describe the details of each course so that learners can get an idea of what they will be learning from our expert instructors.

ADI Training for Career Development

Let’s Learn School of Motoring has become highly popular due to the ADI Training that we provide.

Here, we help our students to clear the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 exams to acquire the certificate required to become a driving instructor.

Since we are a student-friendly driving school, we are constantly evolving to provide our learners with a great experience when it comes to tutorial sessions.