Sep 26, 2019

Intensive driving courses in Chorlton can help you become the best driver you can be. This course is offered as an intensive course so you can learn to drive in the shortest possible time, rather than the normal conventional method of an hour´s lesson each week. We can assist you with both manual or automatic driving lessons. Learning to drive can be a challenging time, but with our expert instructors, you will feel at ease and quickly gain confidence behind the wheel.

For learner drivers in Chorlton, intensive driving courses are usually done on consecutive days over 5-12 days in total. In most cases, we´ll arrange sessions of 4 hours each with a short break in-between them. Should it be necessary however, we can tailor the courses to your requirements. We also offer the flexibility to work around your commitments. All of our intensive driving courses include the practical driving test fee. As you may know, the waiting times for a driving test can be notoriously long, but we are able to and can search a wider area of North West test centres, so this means that  we can offer more suitable dates if you need your driving licence urgently. In order to do your theory test, you will need to have a provisional licence. With us you will be able to do your theory through distance learning via a link that we send you. We are then able to monitor your progress as well as provide feedback where needed. Once we believe you are ready to take the test, we will book your place at a nearby theory test centre for you.

Intensive driving courses in Chorlton are an ideal way to get your driver’s licence in a shorter time frame. For more information about our courses or to request a quote, contact Let’s Learn today. Our goal is to ensure that you learn new skills, and are a safe and competent driver. We’re proud to say that our driving students have achieved a first time pass rate of more than twice the national average!