Feb 17, 2020

If you are interested in intensive driving courses in Timperley, look up Let’s Learn school of motoring. We are an organisation committed to helping people get the right qualification and skill sets that make for responsible driving on our roads. We help at all stages of the journey, from being a beginner, learning the ABC of driving to a confident, competent driver, a citizen aware of his/her responsibilities to themselves and others.

As with other places, in Timperley, intensive driving course lessons are structured, theory-based sessions with free online material for your reference once you enrol with us. Both automatic and manual driving lessons are provided, with feedback as you progress. Rest assured that our specialist driving instructors will take you through every session in a thorough, professional manner, making sure to see that you are well versed with all the knowledge and skills you need to get past the driving test for starters. Our driving instructors are specially qualified, DSA approved, with over thirty years of experience in teaching necessary skills. We have achieved an all-time high of 89% First-time-pass rate in the driving tests conducted locally. Our experienced instructors are all qualified to take students through regular as well as intensive driving courses. Our driving schools are located in many cities including Manchester. Our courses are conducted in a friendly but professional manner, providing a relaxed, safe environment for our students.

Driving tests are a challenge and we recommend enrolling for our intensive driving courses in Timperley. Our bespoke driving lessons are supported by the Theory Test Pro, a programme guaranteed to secure the sure first-time-pass in the theory test. This useful tool helps Instructors monitor the progress of individual students and generate live reports and timely feedback. This can be accessed through a mobile phone or desktop for convenience. We have designed this learning material in over forty languages and specialised audio modules for those who have reading difficulties. For more information about our intensive driving courses, contact Let’s Learn. This exclusive contact programme ensures more clientele and easy access, while detailed monitoring helps students overcome difficulties. Get your free trial today and drive confidently!