Aug 11, 2019

All drivers in the UK must pass the United Kingdom driving test and we make it possible with an intensive driving course in Fallowfield. This is a test of competence that all residents take in order to obtain a full driving licence or to add additional full entitlements to an existing one. Tests may vary depending on the class of the vehicle to be driven. The minimum age at which one can take the driving test is currently 16 for mopeds and 17 for cars. There is no upper age limit so long as the driver can prove their sight and health allows them to drive safely. The annual pass rate is around 43% but we take great pride in our first time pass rate of 89%. This is due to the time and effort we put into teaching ur pupils at their own pace and making sure their weakest areas are well covered.

There is no limit to the time you take to gain experience for a driving test. In Fallowfield, intensive driving course practice will enable you to take your test far faster than the average driver. With practice and hours of work you could learn to drive and pass your driver’s test quickly and with very little stress. We are well versed with the format of the theory and practical tests that must be passed in order to obtain a driver’s licence and teach our students to be confident at driving and to expect the various tests they will be expected to pass. We also train people to become driving instructors should they wish to pursue a career in this satisfying line.

We are a fully qualified and experienced team that offers an intensive driving course in Fallowfield to students who wish to take their driving test quickly. Contact Let’s Learn today and book a course with us. Along with the course you will have unrestricted access to theory online so that you can study at your own pace. Jacqui and her team are very experienced teachers who are calm and patient and take all the time necessary to help nervous drivers become confident.