Mar 10, 2020

You are never too old for our intensive driving course in Cheetham Hill.

Perhaps this happens more often to women than men; they lose their spouse who always did the driving and now they feel stranded. Man or woman, spouse or friend, whatever the circumstances, if you lost your driver and need to learn to drive now, Let’s Learn can help. We offer an intensive driving course aimed at people who have the concentrated time commitment to devote to driver training. Get your provisional licence as quickly as possible because we need you to have that before we can begin instruction.

Our driving courses are offered in automatic or manual so select the option for the car you will eventually be driving. For our students in Cheetham Hill. intensive driving course time commitment may be as much as four hours per day over 12 consecutive days. Our conventional lessons are an hour each week. Our intensive driving course will have you behind the wheel with legal licence in hand. We can be flexible in scheduling intensive driving courses and we’ll try to work around your work or other commitments. Long weekends and holiday weeks can be utilised to get the training in. We think this immersive driving instruction method is a good way for many people to learn and get used to the feel of driving. Some will prefer our slower method so they can build confidence and skill at their own pace.

Our intensive driving course in Cheetham Hill includes distance-learning theory online using a link we will provide.  We will schedule your theory test and your practical driving test as soon as possible when you’re ready. If you need to drive now, contact us and schedule your driving course now. Our intensive driving course instructors are patient and good-natured, so the extended time spent in the driver’s seat is easily endured; plus, we take breaks. Our skill and teaching ability are what we have built our reputation on. Many people can drive but not all can teach driving. We have been very selective choosing our instructors and it seems to be paying off. Eighty-nine per-cent of our students pass their driving test the first time; that’s twice the national average.