How to Drive an Automatic Car for the First Time?

Apr 1, 2022

How To Drive An Automatic Car For The First Time? - Let'S Learn School Of Motoring - 2024
How To Drive An Automatic Car For The First Time? - Let'S Learn School Of Motoring - 2024

People often learn driving lessons in a manual four-wheeler that has a brake, accelerator and clutch. However when they get an opportunity to drive an automatic car most of them face a lot of problems. Adjusting to the new system of an automatic vehicle not only becomes tough for them but sometimes they just bang the vehicle and damage it due to which they have to spend a hefty amount for repair service. So as a beginner if you have completed the manual driving lessons in Irlam, passed the test and got your driving licence you might also find problems driving an automatic car for the first time.

If you have never been behind the wheels of an automatic car before then the first problem which you might face is how to start it. So the best thing which you can do is follow the tips and guidelines which are explained below so that you have a good idea about how to drive an automatic car.

Things That You Need To Do While Driving An Automatic Car

  • When manual car drivers have to operate an automatic vehicle even the most experienced one starts getting panic. This is one of the biggest mistakes they make and which you should avoid. After taking your driving seat, the first thing that you must do is make yourself comfortable. Adjust the mirrors, and your seat and check that everything inside the car is in order. If there is anything that is distracting you and that can be removed, you should do it.
  • You should remember that automatic cars do have gears and clutch pedals. You will see only the accelerator and the brake. So it is better to forget about the gears.
  • Before starting the car it is better to get a good idea about the gear stick. There are four different types of gear that you will find in an automatic car PRND. P stands for Park, R for reverse, N is neutral and D is drive. You can easily learn about these and how to use the gear stick from the experts of a reputed motor driving school in Irlam at the time of getting your lessons.
  • Driving slowly unless and until you are confident enough is the best thing to do. So when you are on the road, there is no need to speed away or overtake any vehicle. You should drive it smoothly and keep your focus on the road.
  • Always practice whenever you get time. This will help you to improve your skills and gain confidence.

Hence the best thing that you can do is enrol in a well-established automatic driving school in Irlam to get your driving lessons. The experts will provide you with great tips and advice as to how to drive an automatic as well as a manual car, depending on your choice and requirement.

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