May 28, 2019

At Let’s Learn, our female driving instructor in Levenshulme has helped many students of all ages become proficient drivers. Her teaching methods are an extension of her calm and patient personality. All of our students have appreciated her teaching demeanour but for some it’s made all the difference. We know it’s 2019 and everybody is equal but we’re here to tell you that sometimes women prefer female doctors, office assistants, nurses, dentists, attorneys and driving instructors. That’s just the way it is and nobody is ever going to be able to legislate it away. For some, not all, there is a need to relate on a basic level, when tasked with a stressful situation. Some find learning to drive stressful; we want to alleviate that stress.

Think about a lovely Mum who never learned to drive because it made her fearful and family members did not have the patience to teach her. Now in her fifties and alone in Levenshulme, our female driving instructor can help her achieve her goal and maintain her independence. Our instructor will allow this woman to learn at her own pace and slowly extend her comfort level. Young teenagers are often terrified of learning to drive while others are to driving as ducks to water. Some  find it unnatural to drive a vehicle weighing 1 590 kilograms directly toward another such oncoming vehicle, both going 112, 654 kilometres per hour and only separated by a centreline. These are the young drivers who are going to need more time and patience from their driving instructors for driving to become second nature.

A female driving instructor in Levenshulme may be the difference between success and failure for young men and women anxious about driving. Of course, we have male driving instructors on staff for those who prefer a male. Most of our students have no preference. Contact Let’s Learn and learn the required skills to become a confident driver. 89% of our students, twice the national average,  pass the test first time out. We also conduct classes in hazard perception and theory, refresher classes and skills to prepare you for professional driver qualification.