Aug 5, 2019

Teaching people a new skill is a job suited to people who are patient and thorough and we have an excellent female driving instructor in Fallowfield. Most people who have had a drivers licence for many years forget how difficult it is to master the many different buttons and switches and pedals while still steering the vehicle. Teaching students the correct way to drive is very important. Bad habits are learned over time and can be passed on to inexperienced drivers. These will cause the students to fail their test and will lower their confidence. Therefore a qualified instructor needs to make sure the student can pass the test the first time with confidence.

Learning to drive can be a lot of fun and very exciting. In Fallowfield, female driving instructor Jacqui McCreavey is calm and friendly and will inspire confidence in even the most nervous novice. She is a fully qualified DVSA driving instructor and a DSA Registered ORDIT driving instructor trainer. She started the driving school in 2009 and has a few select male instructors to help her cope with the large number of students. She makes sure that each student is treated as an individual and tailors the lessons to suit the pupil thereby expending more time on weak areas. Lessons are taught at a pace that suits the pupil as not everyone picks up skills at the same rate.

Our driving school has a highly qualified female driving instructor in Fallowfield for pupils who feel more comfortable taking instruction from a lady. Contact Let’s Learn today and book a lesson or a course to help you to pass your driving test. We have an enviable first time pass rate of 89% which is twice the national average. This is achieved through our instructor’s attention to detail and working on certain areas more than others. Besides teaching novice drivers, Jacqui also offers lessons in hazard perception and theory test help and advice, pass plus, refresher and motorway lessons. The school also offers a professional qualification which will allow you to utilise driving in a career. Learning with our school will enable anyone to become a skilled and confident driver.