Jun 18, 2019

Many people feel safer and more confident when taught by a female driving instructor in Didsbury. At Let’s Learn, we appreciate the fact that in terms of skills, there’s no difference between male and female driving instructors. However, choosing a female instructor is a matter of the learner’s personal needs, cultural/social choices and preferences. Religious reasons, past experiences or simply a matter of being in your comfort zone could be what helps people to make these choices. Let’s Learn’s team of highly-trained, experienced and DSA approved instructors offers both manual and automatic transmission lessons. Our client base extends throughout the Manchester region and beyond. Over the three decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve earned the reputation for excellence, affordable pricing and a customer-focused approach.

Our school was established by a fully qualified female DVSA driving instructor and a DSA Registers ORDIT driving instructor trainer. In Didsbury, female driving instructors are a valuable resource in increasing the pool of women drivers All lessons are tailored to meet the individual’s pace and method of learning. The calm, patient and friendly approach makes it easy for nervous and inexperienced learners to quickly grasp and apply the lessons. Additionally, we also provide assistance to take hazard perception and theory tests. You emerge from our driving school as a skilled, confident and responsible driver. Studies show that female drivers take less risks compared to their male counterparts. Their accident rates are much lower and this could be because they are better at multi-tasking. This allows them to quickly grasp concepts like MSM (mirror signal manoeuvre), parking in tight spots, and achieving perfect clutch control.  Women drivers can also avail of better insurance rates.

When you learn from our female driving instructor in Didsbury, you also get the advantage of learning from a more empathetic, patient teacher. Traditionally women have an abundance of these qualities and it helps to put panicky drivers at ease immediately. Contact us today if you’d like assistance from a female driving instructor. When you feel more comfortable, it helps you learn faster and better, because you’re more relaxed and less flustered and the criticism is more constructive and supportive.