Sep 11, 2019

There are not many females that teach people to drive but we have a female driving instructor in Altrincham for pupils who would prefer to be taught by a woman. Having a drivers licence and experience driving a vehicle will often help you to get a job. There are many parts of the country where public transport is not suited to the career you want. Our driving lessons are affordable and we also offer tailor made lessons according to your experience and temperament. Some novice drivers are nervous and need more encouragement while others are overconfident but all our students will become confident, competent and responsible drivers. We teach our pupils to drive either automatic or manual cars as they are very different skills to learn and it can be difficult to change from driving an automatic vehicle to driving a manual vehicle.

It is never easy learning a new skill and having a family member teach you is risky. In Altrincham, female driving instructor, Jacqui McCreavey, is not only an instructor but also owns the driving school. She is a fully qualified DVSA driving instructor and a DSA Registered ORDIT driving instructor trainer. She started the driving school in 2009 and has a few select male instructors to help her cope with the large number of students. She makes sure that each student is treated as an individual and tailors the lessons to suit the pupil thereby expending more time on weak areas. You are taught at your own pace and can take time to learn the necessary skills to pass your driving test.

Some people feel a female driving instructor in Altrincham will be more patient and understanding than a male. This is not necessarily true at our driving school and you can choose a male or a female driving instructor. Contact Let’s Learn today and book your lessons with one of our experienced and knowledgeable instructors. We offer a service that teaches you the correct way to drive with safety being paramount. Our first time pass rate is 89% making it more than twice the national average. All our driving instructors are qualified DSA approved and are patient and calm which allows all our students to relax and concentrate on learning to drive.