Sep 18, 2019

You will find an automatic driving instructor in Manchester at Lets Learn that can get you behind the wheel and driving legally. It doesn’t matter your age or driving experience as long as you are fifteen years old or older. We teach student drivers; those adults needing a refresher and adults that have never driven. If you are in a hurry to drive we have accelerated instruction which is a concentrated time commitment every day of at least four hours behind the wheel. But, within a week to ten days, you will be feeling confident and ready for your driving licence test. That’s one way to learn but many prefer to learn at a slower pace and we accommodate that preference. It’s not uncommon to feel anxiety while learning to drive and that can be exhausting. With us, you’ll learn at your own comfort level.

We’ve been teaching successful driving skills since 2009 and we make sure our students do not feel pressured. In Manchester, an automatic driving instructor is patient and never judgemental. We want all students to feel comfortable and relaxed so that learning can take place. In addition to behind the wheel instruction, our price structure includes theory using Theory Test Pro online. You’ll find all the updated questions to practice, and you’ll have an edge with the realistic hazard perception test. As your instructors, we will be tracking your progress online. The average first try driving test pass rate throughout the UK is 41%. Students who complete our driving and theory instruction have an 82% pass rate. When you sign up with us, you are signing up to succeed.

Parents, if your teenager is asking for an automatic driving instructor in Manchester, consider letting them learn to drive with us. Even if you think they don’t need to know how to drive, the opportunity opens up opportunities to build self-confidence for young people. When they learn to drive from professional instructors, they learn how to be safe on the roadways and drive defensively. The safety lessons will stay with them for life so when they do purchase a car of their own or even borrow yours, you’ll know they have the skills. Contact us and schedule classes for yourself or your student. Just because you know how to drive does not make you a driving teacher. There’s so much more to learn than just turning the key and keeping the car on the road.