Sep 5, 2019

Learning to drive can be challenging if you don’t have a considerate automatic driving instructor in Didsbury. Many people have phobias about failing the driving test. This, however, does not need to be the case. Like any other evaluation, the driving test is designed to prove your capabilities rather than find your faults. In a people-centred driving school, the instructors are mostly concerned with building your confidence as a driver. The more comfortable you are behind the wheel, the safer your driving will be. Many road accidents are caused by hesitant drivers who don’t have confidence in their skills. Moving your car from point A to B is easy, the real challenge is to get there without doubting yourself.

There are several advantages to driving an automatic car over a manual one. In Didsbury, automatic driving instructors have more time to develop your road awareness. Manual instructors spend the bulk of their time teaching you how to balance the clutch and accelerator on a hill in traffic. This is not a major challenge with automatic cars where the entire clutch operation is automated. Our company prides itself in developing tailored lessons to suit our students’ needs. We understand that you may have unique time schedules as well as learning preferences. Our focus goes beyond training you to pass the test and develops you into an excellent driver.

Our qualified automatic driving instructors in Didsbury have been producing excellent drivers since 2009. With a long list of positive testimonials, many of our clients come to us through referrals. Our method has proven successful by delivering an 89% first-time pass rate. This is more than twice the national average first test pass rate. Since we offer tailored lessons, we invite you to contact Let’s Learn today to book your first lessons. Our friendly instructors are ready to work out a schedule that suits you. We also offer instructional videos and ‘Theory Test Pro’ for our students, which double their probability of passing the test.