Jun 11, 2019

If you are looking for an automatic driving instructor in Burnage that teaches at your comfort level, Let’s Learn is your kind of driving school. Our students have had great success since we opened our school in 2009. We wanted to teach driving a little differently than other schools. Other schools set the learning pace and schedule and the student is required to adapt. We are teaching a lifelong skill to individuals whose proficiency will dictate their own safety and that of others on the road. For some, driving comes naturally and they learn and adapt quickly. Others are more cautious and need to adapt slowly so they deserve to be taught according to their comfort level. The client is paying us to teach them so they get to learn at their own pace.

Learning to drive is a goal set by the student regardless of their age and driving experience. In Burnage, automatic driving instructor qualifications at Let’s Learn include a high level of driving proficiency but more than that, our instructors must have the ability to teach others in clear easily understood instructions. Too much talk confuses some people so we like to keep instruction clear and simple. Repetition is how we learn so count on our instructors to manage the repetition with patience and a calm demeanour. The student may get exasperated with themselves, but we never do. Our goal, no matter how many students we have learning the same skill, is the driving proficiency of the student sitting alongside of us at the moment.

An automatic driving instructor in Burnage can teach you to physically drive a car. However, the rules of the road and the whys and wherefores are essential for safe driving and to pass competency tests. Standard lessons are a requirement but we also offer hazard perception and help with theory. Each student comes to us with a goal of learning how to drive and it is our pleasure to help each one achieve that goal. If you prefer a friendly relaxed environment while learning to drive, contact Let’s Learn. We offer additional classes including intensive courses to get you on the fast track to proficiency and refresher courses either to prepare for updated testing, for your own comfort or court ordered classes.